20 years of service

Energy Performance Services (EPS/Canada) Inc. (EPS) is an energy management consulting firm serving industry, energy efficiency programs and institutions. The firm celebrated 20 years of service in 2012 and has built its reputation by providing high quality, ground-breaking services to customers in Canada, the U.S. and internationally. EPS continues to evolve and innovate in this exciting era where energy and environmental issues are converging and leading our customers to seek more advanced ways to use and manage energy in a sustainable manner.

Background & History

EPS has been pioneering in the industrial energy efficiency market since its inception in 1992. Our company focused in the 1990’s on the development and implementation of energy efficiency projects in process industry (steel, pulp & paper, mining, glass, textile, manufacturing). EPS’s success in Canada led to extensive international work in countries such as India, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil and Columbia.

EPS’s success in the 1990’s in penetrating diverse industrial markets around the world with innovative energy efficiency services has resulted in extensive work with energy efficiency program organizations. EPS effectively aligns the design and execution of energy efficiency programs with the needs of the industrial market resulting in award winning programs.

In 2007, EPS played a key role in designing an innovative energy efficiency program in New Brunswick, Canada that included a component aimed at leveraging energy management information systems (EMIS) in industry to drive operating energy savings. In the period 2008 to 2011, EPS was responsible for taking the EMIS program to market resulting in an over 50% market uptake of this advanced energy efficiency program offering.

Subsequent to its success in New Brunswick, EPS has evolved to specialize in energy management systems and energy management information systems. From 2011 to 2012, EPS assisted 3M Canada to successfully implement the new energy management standard ISO 50001 while meeting the platinum level requirements of the Superior Energy Performance program of the US. This enabled 3M to become one of the 1st Global Superior Energy Partnership companies in the world to implement ISO 50001.

From this in-depth industrial foundation, EPS is currently working extensively with energy efficiency programs and industrial organizations to implement successful energy management systems and energy management information systems (EMIS) and in industrial facilities leading to both energy savings and environmental benefits.


Energy Performance Services (EPS/Canada) Inc. is owned and managed by Peter Bassett, an energy management professional, with over 30 years of specialized energy efficiency and energy management experience.